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Jonas Samuelsson

Jonas Samuelsson - Team Blue Immersio

Multi award winning PADI Platinum Course Director and Technical Diving Instructor Trainer is teaching Team Blue Immersions  Technical Deep and  Trimix Open Circuit, Sidemount, Cave and Instructor Courses through both PADI TecRec and TDI. Jonas taught over 2000 Diving Instructors over the years and carried a set of twins  already in 1994 while doing an IANTD  Technical Diving Course in Norrbotten, Sweden. Jonas completed the PADI Course Director Training Course in 1998 in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia and been awarded “Outstanding Contribution to Instructor Development” three times by PADI. Jonas became  a member of the prestigious Fourth Element Dive Team in 2010. Additionally  Jonas will be able to offer the new CCR training programs that will be released by PADI/Tec Rec mid to end of 2011.

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Akim Adhari

Akim Adhari Team Blue Immersion

AIDA and SSI Freediving Instructor Akim Adhari grew up in Tunisia and started to freedive and spearfish at an early age. This passion for the ocean led Akim to a career in Free Diving. Akim is now the head instructor for Blue Immersion’s Free Diving Team and teaches courses available from AIDA and SSI. Akim did a Freedive with constant weight to 103  meter in 2009

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Erik Brown

Erik Brown - Team Blue Immersion

Erik started diving 10 years ago to espace the cold winter of Canada.  Spending the majority of the time bouncing around SE Asia he landed in Thailand working as a professonial videographer. Erik also worked in Australia.

Erik is an SSI instructor and PADI Instructor with specialty in Trimix and Sidemount Diving. Erik is now focuses on exploring new deep sites and wrecks around the world.


Aron Daníel Arngrímsson

Aron Daniel Arngrimsoon - Team Blue Immersion

Originally from Iceland , Aron began his diving career in 2002. Since then he has traveled extensively and undergone dive training in a wide variety of world class locations. Aron is a PADI instructor with specialty in deep underwater videography where he trains industry professionals to film at depths up to 100m.

Aron was the videographer, expedition diver for Expedition Iceland – Project Hamilton in June 2011. The team managed to beat the Icelandic depth record twice in two weeks, discover a previously unknown hot spring system at 70 meters and be the first team to dive the US Coast Guard Cutter Alexander Hamilton since it sank 30 miles outside Reykjavik 70 years ago. Aron also is a support divers for record breaking dives, regularly being deep support at depths between 70-120m. Aron also have commercial diving experience working in Scotland, where he spent 2 years in commercial underwater fishing and moorings. Aron max depth to date is 135 meters and completed over 60 dives deeper than 100 meters both as support and exploration diver.

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Ben Reymenants

Ben Reymenants Team Blue Immersion

TDI Instructor Trainer and CCR Cave Instructor Ben Reymenants started technical diving before most people even heard about the word. He was the first diver to dive deeper than 200 meters in Dahab, Red Sea. His drive to push himself further in the field has led him to Caves and CCRs. In 2009 Ben did a 239 meter Cave Dive with a CCR in a Cave System in Thailand. Ben is in charge of Blue Immersions CCR and TDI Instructor Training   Read More

Kris Harrison

is a Technical Diving Instructor since 2007. Kris started to dive in 1986 and got more than 7000 dives. Kris is qualified as a TDI Technical Diving Instructor Trainer with experience from teaching technical diving in Thailand, Mexico, Indonesia and Egypt. Kris is one of the most experienced cave and ccr divers in the world and going to offer these courses from his base in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.


Amit Gal

Team Blue Immersion Amit Gal

Amit Gal is a trained mechanic from the Navy Diving Operations. He is a master of all technical applications related to diving and is a natural choice for Team Blue Immersions Compressor and equipment courses. Amit can take apart pretty much any engine out there and put it back without to many parts are in the wrong place. Amit is also a PADI Staff Instructor and Tec Rec Instructor


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Zdenek Jankovsky

Zdenek Jankovsky - Team Blue Immersion

Zdenek is PADI Tec Rec Instructor and PADI MSDT (12 instructor specialty ratings); He is also certified BSAC Advanced Mix Gas Diver, TDI Cave diver and AIDA free diver.  Zdenek holds an MA from Economics and Actuarial Science. Prior to becoming a professional diver he worked as a Financial Director of an insurance company. His passion for numbers makes him valuable team member when it comes to any decompression theory and dive planning discussions. Zdenek loves to explore deep caves and he strives to be a DIR role model diver.

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Andrew Cavell

Andrew Cavell - Team Blue Immersion

Andy is a diving enthusiast, a British diver to begin with, he has been brought up diving some of the harshest diving conditions before moving out to clearer waters. Having worked in many places around the world, including Fiji, Thailand, Spain and of course the UK. Andy is very much a wreck enthusiast and loves anything to do with shipwrecks, the more history they have, deeper they are, less visited they are the better. As a TDI technical instructor, BSAC recreational and technical instructor, SDI speciality instructor and PADI IDC staff instructor, Andy has a wealth of knowledge of these various agencies and can honestly say he doesn’t have a favorite, the main thing is the depth and quality of training that matters. Customers always go away with a great knowledge of the course they have taken along with some of Andy’s extra tips and lots of good memories.


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