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This page is dedicated to links to companies that we work with or companies that we endorse. It also feature  interesting reading materials related to technical diving, recreational instructor training and free diving :

Fourth Element is an amazing company that produces high quality products for scuba divers. Fourth Element undergarment is used by technical and recreational drysuit divers all around the world. Check out Fourth Elements Dive Team and you will find Team Blue Immersion member Jonas Samuelsson. The 3-D maps of wrecks around the world is also worth a visit.

Team Blue Immersion is proud to work with exclusive watch maker JS Watch Co. The team was wearing the SIF NART Watch during the historical dive on US Coast Guard Cutter Alexander Hamilton during June 2011.

You can find news, updates and random stories related to Team Blue Immersionon on facebook (over 5000 fans):

Team Blue Immersion got a site dedicated to FreeDiving. The site is one of Akim Adhari’s babys and gives lots of information about FreeDiving courses within AIDA and SSI. The pictures are amazing and show Akim in action on some of his 100+ meter FreeDives, Constant Weight.

Team Blue Immersion are using a few different deco planners but the main planner used both during private excursions and while teaching is the V-Planner. V-Planner is a decompression program that uses the Varying Permeability Model (VPM-B) for decompression profiles. You can download a shareware version that you can play with for 30 days (we highly recommend you to buy the V Planner prior to coming down and starting your technical diving course.

Team Blue Immersion and Jonas Samuelsson are proud sponsors of the largest webforum related to CCRs Rebreathers. The forum can be found on Its a great forum for anyone interested to learn more about closed circuit diving. On the forum you find the top CCR divers in the world answering you questions.

The Advanced Diver Magazine:  The worlds largest and longest established advanced to technical diver publication. You find some great free articles available on this site. Team Blue Immersion recommend anyone serious in technical diving to get a subscription to this magazine. Thanks to Carl Bowen owner of The Advanced Diver Magazine who let Team Blue Immersion use some of his great underwater pictures for this website.
My friend Andy Fritz is the manager and owner of the company Rebreather Lab who is the manufacturer of the rebreather The Pelagian. This diver controlled rebreather is worth a second look.
Ben Reymenants is a member of Team Blue Immersion and teach our TDI Instructor Courses and CCR Courses. You can contact Ben through or on his website:
PADI The professional Association of Diving Instructor is the largest diving organisation in the world and also offer technical diving. New for 2011 is the release of Closed Circuit Rebreather courses. Team Blue Immersion is teaching all levels of PADI Course including PADI instructor Course IDC, Tec Deep and Trimix Instructor courses. For more information see:
TDI Technical Diving International is the largest technical diving organisation in the world. Team Blue Immersion is teaching all levels of TDI Courses up to instructor level including mixed gas and CCR Instructor Courses.