Approved CCR Rebreathers for PADI Courses as of the 6th of February 2012

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Unit Register Announcement
PADI maintains a register of rebreathers that manufacturers specify meet the key features of a Type R (Recreational) or Type T (Technical) rebreather and have successfully undergone recognized third-party testing against an appropriate standard such as EN14143. Only rebreathers included in this register can be used for PADI rebreather courses. PADI Members can find the register on the PADI Pros’ Site.
Note that the PADI organization does not approve, review or endorse the design or manufacturing of scuba equipment, including rebreathers.

Currently, three manufacturers have registered units and made the following statements:

“Our Poseidon Discovery MK VI rebreather meets the key features of a Type R rebreather and has successfully undergone internationally recognized third-party testing against CE Standards (EN14143). We have checked the Type R requirements against our Poseidon Discovery MK VI rebreather’s performance and found that it meets PADI’s Type R standards in full.”

VR Technology
“Our Sentinel and Sentinel Expedition rebreathers meet the key features of a Type T CCR and have successfully undergone internationally recognized third-party testing against CE Standards (EN14143). We have checked the Type T requirements against our Sentinel and Sentinel Expedition rebreathers’ performance and found that they meet PADI’s Type T standards in full.”

Ambient Pressure Diving
“Our Inspiration, Evolution and Evolution Plus Vision rebreathers meet the key features of Type T rebreathers and have successfully undergone internationally recognized third-party testing against CE Standards (EN14143). We have checked the Type T requirements against our Inspiration, Evolution and Evolution Plus Vision rebreathers’ performance and found that they meet PADI’s Type T standards in full.”

Ambient Pressure Diving have also informed PADI that Vision rebreathers will also meet Type R requirements with some software and hardware adaptations. Expect further information soon.

PADI is currently working with several other manufacturers who plan to register units in the near future. For information on how to register please contact

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The Art of CCR Diving –

What is RF3 all about?

“The main aim of RF3 is to evaluate the state of the art”, stated Dr. Neal Pollock, DAN’s Research Director and one of the organisers behind RF3. “In a nutshell the theme of RF3 is to improve understanding, which we hope will translate to improved safety across the board.

We’re are going to assess the current situation regarding manufacturing, testing, training and diving protocols to check that we are doing this as safely as we can, and highlight areas that need improving for the community to move forward. We have convened this conference to tap the wisdom of many, rather than relying on the interpretations of any few. Doing it this way allows us to pull together all the different views and we then assess the results through one lens.

The reality is that we still have a number of fatalities every year. At RF3 we intend to be as honest as we can about issues and address every one of them. Most current standards and practices are based on good intentions and experience. The interaction of many factors, however, can create problems not originally anticipated. Our goal is to look critically at the collective to see how we might be able to do things better and safer.”

So why will RF3 be useful to the Industry? When you understand where something is failing; be it manufacturing, training or diving protocols, then everyone benefits from knowing how failures can occur. Then we can see and evaluate how to successfully improve performance.”

You too can be part of this significant rebreather event. Simply log onto to book your place now. And if you buy your ticket before 1st February 2012 you can save up to $100 on your registration.

Rebreather Forum 3

Rebreather Forum 3
Posted in News with tags Rebreather Forum 3.0 on January 9, 2012 by kattek
RF3 ( will be held from Friday 18th to Sunday 20th May 2012 inclusive at the Caribe Royale Hotel, Orlando. This unique conference comprises two elements; 30 different talks delivered by a team of respected speakers over three days and a specialist Expo with more than 30 international exhibitors.

It’s 16 years since the previous Rebreather Forum and there is much to discuss. Major issues will be addressed surrounding rebreather technology, and its application in sport, military, research and scientific diving. RF3 has two key objectives; an emphasis on safety and the much needed peer review of the state of the art. As a RF3 delegate you will be part of this important process.

The social side has not been forgotten either, whenever divers get together they like to talk and in the up and coming months you can follow us on Twitter; #RebreatherF3 orFacebook. On Friday night there will be a Loud Shirt Party – a Beach BBQ extravaganza – ideal for catching up with friends and colleagues, meanwhile on Saturday night we celebrate success at the glamorous and sophisticated RF3 Gala Banquet.

Although rebreather diving is a niche market, it is not without influence and it’s actively expanding. We are now entering a new age of diving. In the last couple of years we’ve seen major steps forward with the recent launch of two recreational machines. The ‘Type R’ rebreather is coming of age and the training agencies are actively working with manufacturers to grow this significant new market.

Attending Rebreather Forum 3 gives you unrivalled access to the very latest in rebreather training, technology and ethos, delivered by some of the world’s significant figures in the field. It’s not often that you will get the opportunity to meet and talk to these cutting edge leading professionals who shape and influence this industry.

Delegates will therefore be pleased to hear that there are “Early Bird Specials” on RF3 Tickets until 1st February 2012, with savings of up to US$100 per ticket. With RF3 tickets starting from US$290, log onto now to book your place at this decade’s most momentous rebreather event. Regardless of your experience level, Rebreather Forum 3 is not to be missed.

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New CCR Rebreather World Record

Congratulations to Krzysztof Starnawski for beating the CCR Worldrecord with 283 meters. Planet Divers (Team Blue Immersions home base) was the organizer of the record that took place on the 2nd of November 2010.

CCR Rebreather World Record 2nd of December 2011 - Planet Divers Dahab. Bluehole


Krzysztof Starnawski was carrying two Hammerhead CCRs and conducted the dive at Bluehole, Dahab. Krzysztof felt fine 24 hours after the dive and was remarkable fit after the 533 minute long dive! This is the second world record with Planet Divers. Nuno Gomez took the world record with Open Circuit to 318 meters in 2005.

Liquivision world record ccr 283 meters

Congratulations from Team Blue Immersion!

Hammerhead CCR Rebreathers